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Do you want to become a specialist in the field of pedagogy?!, You can choose one of the directions to gain knowledge, skills and experience, these are: Primary education and preschool education directions, Department of Pedagogy prepares you for today's work world, working with children, understanding them and educating them, as a pedagogical specialist based on the Finnish example from world experiences and what you learn will help you in life.
The "Pedagogy" department was newly established on August 29, 2022, Izzat Matyaqubov was the head of the department, it was opened as part of the "Pedagogy" faculty. From November 21, 2022, Nargiza Ergasheva has been the head of the "Pedagogy" department. The current composition of the department: head of the department N.Ergasheva Ph.D associate professor; senior teachers: Iskanderova Sayyora, Sharafuddinova Durdona, Sitora Shomurodova and Sharipova Go`zal have Ph.D decrees. Subjects taught at the department: "Fundamentals of preschool education", "Fundamentals of education", "Children psychology", "Oriental children's literature", "Physiology and hygiene of young people", "Technology of home education" and others.


Nargiza Ergashova

Head of department

Specialist in pre-school education, 1 variant program related to the field, 2 training manuals, author of articles and theses at the national and international level, member of the International Editorial Board

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