Human Resources department

A human resources department is focused on the recruiting and retention of employees within a company. HR typically finds, hires (and fires), and trains employees. It oversees employee relations. It manages benefit programs. It's the place an employee goes with questions about their position at the company, to address concerns, and to air grievances.

A human resources (HR) department performs human resource management functions, such as finding, hiring, training, and supporting new employees. Its function includes: Reviewing resumes. Keeping track of employee information.

Human resources is the person or group of people at a company who manages all things related to its employees. This includes — but is not limited to — hiring, maintaining a budget, recruiting, managing benefits, ensuring employee satisfaction, implementing a company culture, and training new hires.


Baxtigul Tolipova

Head of department

Human resource, international economist specialist. The holder of a state scholarship named after Navoi.

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