Finance department

The main objective of the department -
- To provide the university's board of founders, management and external and internal users with complete and accurate financial and other accounting information in a timely manner;
- Keeping the financial reports specified in the legislation and organizing their timely submission to tax and other state agencies, timely payment of calculated taxes and other mandatory payments;
- Providing high-quality and legal accounting services to students who entered into contractual relations with the university.

Duties of the department -
- formation of complete and accurate information on the state and movement of assets, property rights and obligations in accounting accounts;
- summarizing accounting data for effective management;
- preparing financial, tax and other reports and presenting them to external and internal users with the permission of the management.
- Issuance of contracts to university students and permanent control of calculations based on these contracts.


Abduvohid Haydarov

Head of department

Economist, the holder of a state scholarship named after Navoi. Author of national and international articles and theses. Head of financial department in Nordic University.

Bobomurod Mirziyayev


Economist, graduate student of Tashkent State University of Economics. Asakabank branch 1st category specialist. Specialist inspector of the District Finance Department of the Ministry of Finance.

Elbek Tojiyev

Specialist in planning and working with contracts

Economist-accountant, Has the ability to work in the "1s accounting" program.
4rd year student of Kazan State Federal University

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